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Follow me into the sunset and we will forever be entwined. Swear to me you’ll never leave my side. Take my hand and I will lead you through all the obstacles of life. What they said was blind, well maybe they should have opened up their eyes.

Sitting, watching, waiting for the walls to collapse and reveal the ruins of what once was. The foundations splinter with fragments never to be collected, never to be repaired.

The world has become flat, colour all faded to black, but I still smile choked in denial

And just as the day is bathed in that late afternoon glow that raises the spirits of the hollow, a storm rages in and clouds cast over my feeling of divine and just right then I’m sure the sun (I’m sure the sun) will never shine again. Just to remind me that I am nothing in the grandest scheme of things

Unwind the time so I can reverse wrong to right
I hold my breath and close my eyes
In hope this ocean will not roll out but I am caught in the tide

Blackened to the bone with the darkest thoughts I never imagined would cross my path.

I am lost. I am broken.

How I wish I could be strong and not hurt anyone.
‘Pick yourself up son.’
The sun is coming up on the horizon.

Unbind the chains holding me under from the light
I take the courage to stand and fight
The current and I am sure it won’t hold me back anymore

Like babies we must all learn to stand independently our own two feet. I have pulled myself up now and I am reaching for the peaks.

Surround yourself with family and friends that are willing to put you above all else, tell them your problems tell them your fears. Because at the end of the day all we really want is to speak and for someone to hear. Don’t throw in the towel when life knocks you down, grab a hand, get back up and strive for all that you can achieve and see. You owe it yourself, if no one else. Take nothing for granted, cherish every moment of happiness you get. I’ll make it simple just take away this; the matter of fact is: we all end up with zero left on the clock.


from (R​)​evolve, released January 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Nemoya Melbourne, Australia

5 piece hardcore act from Melbourne.

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