The Avarice Consequence

from by Nemoya



Mother and father can’t you see the world is crumbling beneath our feet.

We’ve slashed the forests, we’ve filled our graves (filled our graves) we’ve bred malice, hatred and greed. At this rate we won’t make it, we won’t survive.
We will not survive.

Plagued by an endless disease of the power hungry
How do the masses watch and not make it stop?

This could be the generation that sees the end or the one that takes a stand to bring it back.

We are all plagued by this disease.

Doomed from the beginning or can there be an alternate ending?
Were we doomed from the beginning? Stop making excuses and make your own ending.

For once lets put selfishness aside.
For we could conquer all and leave existence in our wake but,
I can’t tell you that there is no afterlife
I can’t tell you the way to make it all right
What I can tell you for a matter of fact if we follow this path we will be stopped in our tracks (in our tracks)


from (R​)​evolve, released January 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Nemoya Melbourne, Australia

5 piece hardcore act from Melbourne.

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