The Straight and the Narrow

from by Nemoya



Shot out of the gun with no warning or direction.
Pure innocence, no choice, no care of complexion.
They mould the man and even though they have good intentions they’re often cancelled out by misdirection.

They teach us to compare, but our constant need to compete and compare leads to nothing but deceit and despair.

Wake up!

Well it may be the human condition to look and say how he is different to you and me.
You will see that the innocence is torn away.

Victims of conformists torn into pieces every day. Braving a smile, living in denial of the pain, but the eyes tell of a sadness that never leaves.

Avert your gaze from the focal point of the outlay and you will see we are all unique clones.

Wake up and realise that it is no longer alright to deny another a chance to progress due to their physical appearance.
You cannot control. They will not be your drones.
The only segregation should be of the spine of the fucking puppeteers, the swine.

Repent the very fragments of society’s constrictions (Repent the very fragments of society’s constrictions).


from (R​)​evolve, released January 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Nemoya Melbourne, Australia

5 piece hardcore act from Melbourne.

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