by Nemoya

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released January 15, 2015

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Sam Bassal at Dead End Media

Artwork by Daniel Wagner at D-Dub Designs



all rights reserved


Nemoya Melbourne, Australia

5 piece hardcore act from Melbourne.

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Track Name: Purpose In Perspective
Our only purpose on earth is to reproduce and survive ourselves.
That being said we are higher order beings capable of higher order thinking.
We must show care and compassion for the lives that surround us, but far too often we leave our domain in a worse state then when we came.
Track Name: The Straight and the Narrow
Shot out of the gun with no warning or direction.
Pure innocence, no choice, no care of complexion.
They mould the man and even though they have good intentions they’re often cancelled out by misdirection.

They teach us to compare, but our constant need to compete and compare leads to nothing but deceit and despair.

Wake up!

Well it may be the human condition to look and say how he is different to you and me.
You will see that the innocence is torn away.

Victims of conformists torn into pieces every day. Braving a smile, living in denial of the pain, but the eyes tell of a sadness that never leaves.

Avert your gaze from the focal point of the outlay and you will see we are all unique clones.

Wake up and realise that it is no longer alright to deny another a chance to progress due to their physical appearance.
You cannot control. They will not be your drones.
The only segregation should be of the spine of the fucking puppeteers, the swine.

Repent the very fragments of society’s constrictions (Repent the very fragments of society’s constrictions).
Track Name: Valleys
Thick as thieves never wanted to be robbing from themselves
Three inch bulletproof glass blocking the shards of deceit and distress
Gifted all access pass
Built on paper walls, was it all meant to fall?

Now it is getting hard to breathe
When you are around me
Go put on that poker face
Now come on step inside of the ring

When you reach those fiery gates I’ll be there waiting
We were both born for this place, but I will be there waiting

This is the end of this my friend

While it’s hard to say what lead us from that place
The valleys in the land or valleys in our minds
I won’t disrupt the fall
But we could have had it all

It’s time to take a good look into the mirror you're just a shade of your self

There’s no such thing as fate
No predetermined paths

We must live with the choices that we make
While we lie in bed and realise there is nothing left
One day I hope that you see that you threw it all away (away).

As you begin to grow older
As your thoughts start to wonder
As you begin to think, have I made a mistake?

While it’s hard to say what lead us from that place
The valleys in the land or the valleys in our minds
Track Name: Sunset|Sunrise
Follow me into the sunset and we will forever be entwined. Swear to me you’ll never leave my side. Take my hand and I will lead you through all the obstacles of life. What they said was blind, well maybe they should have opened up their eyes.

Sitting, watching, waiting for the walls to collapse and reveal the ruins of what once was. The foundations splinter with fragments never to be collected, never to be repaired.

The world has become flat, colour all faded to black, but I still smile choked in denial

And just as the day is bathed in that late afternoon glow that raises the spirits of the hollow, a storm rages in and clouds cast over my feeling of divine and just right then I’m sure the sun (I’m sure the sun) will never shine again. Just to remind me that I am nothing in the grandest scheme of things

Unwind the time so I can reverse wrong to right
I hold my breath and close my eyes
In hope this ocean will not roll out but I am caught in the tide

Blackened to the bone with the darkest thoughts I never imagined would cross my path.

I am lost. I am broken.

How I wish I could be strong and not hurt anyone.
‘Pick yourself up son.’
The sun is coming up on the horizon.

Unbind the chains holding me under from the light
I take the courage to stand and fight
The current and I am sure it won’t hold me back anymore

Like babies we must all learn to stand independently our own two feet. I have pulled myself up now and I am reaching for the peaks.

Surround yourself with family and friends that are willing to put you above all else, tell them your problems tell them your fears. Because at the end of the day all we really want is to speak and for someone to hear. Don’t throw in the towel when life knocks you down, grab a hand, get back up and strive for all that you can achieve and see. You owe it yourself, if no one else. Take nothing for granted, cherish every moment of happiness you get. I’ll make it simple just take away this; the matter of fact is: we all end up with zero left on the clock.
Track Name: The Avarice Consequence
Mother and father can’t you see the world is crumbling beneath our feet.

We’ve slashed the forests, we’ve filled our graves (filled our graves) we’ve bred malice, hatred and greed. At this rate we won’t make it, we won’t survive.
We will not survive.

Plagued by an endless disease of the power hungry
How do the masses watch and not make it stop?

This could be the generation that sees the end or the one that takes a stand to bring it back.

We are all plagued by this disease.

Doomed from the beginning or can there be an alternate ending?
Were we doomed from the beginning? Stop making excuses and make your own ending.

For once lets put selfishness aside.
For we could conquer all and leave existence in our wake but,
I can’t tell you that there is no afterlife
I can’t tell you the way to make it all right
What I can tell you for a matter of fact if we follow this path we will be stopped in our tracks (in our tracks)